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2PM’s Album Cover/MVs [2008-2012] #4HOTTESTyearswith2PM

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happy 4th anniversary, 2pm! ♥

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Happy 4th Anniversary, my ultimate favourite bunch of boys! ♡ 

Thank you for being such amazing people, thank you for giving me more reasons to smile and thank you for existing. Cheers to many more HOTTEST years to come!
- With HOTTEST, 2PM can fly.

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“I come to think that they will stay as 2PM forever. There’s not a single crack in the relationship of the 6.” ㅡ JYP

Happy 4th anniversary, 2PM! ♥ #4HOTTESTyearswith2PM

All 6 of you have come a really long way together, and have been through so much together. Be it successes or setbacks, all 6 of you stood by one another, never leaving any member behind. I love the strong bromance that you guys share. Continue being the strong, sexy, beastly, hot, dorky, adorable and dumb 2PM that I love so much.

I’m proud to be known as a HOTTEST, and if given another chance, I’d still choose to be one. Even if the road gets tough in the years to come, you know you got HOTTEST’s backs whenever, wherever. All the hardships, pain, tears, smiles and laughters that you’ve went through these 4 years, I’ll remember them all. Thankyou for being my inspiration and motivation, for brightening up my days and bringing joy to my life, and for never going down without a fight.

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Happy birthday, Chansung!

Happy birthday, Chansung!

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